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by Jatin Sethi 04 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Let’s delve deeper to find out what the future of LEDs looks like in the year 2022 and after. 


#1. Smart LED Lighting

To simply put, smart technology is something that is pivotal to humans, i.e., human-centric. Smart LEDs as emergency vehicle lights or strobe warning lights are evolving to be more accessible for human needs and to ease their regular environment.  


  • Automated Controls

Automation can be seen in all spheres of technology, and so is in the LEDs. Controlling the usability of LED blue light bars can be a significant shift in the history of LED lighting. This can be achieved by installing an auto-switch that can detect the presence and automatically turn on the light and vice versa. 


  • Dimming Features

An outstanding feature that emerged with the advancement of LED technology is its dimming feature. This not only is at ease for us but also a major contributing factor in conserving electricity. When there is less illumination requirement, you can simply dim the mini light bars


  • Daylight Sensors

Among all the headways, sensors in LEDs outshine the most. This feature allows the strobe warning lights to detect the natural presence of light, thus allowing them to ascertain the time of the day. This further allows an automated turn on/off by sensing day or night. 


#2. The Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Internet is pervasive and hence cannot be ruled out when talking about the advancements of LEDs. The connectivity between devices and the Internet has been witnessed in past years, making it simple and accessible. Smart lighting, with its admirable features and functioning, can be best utilized when combined with IoT. This will not only extend the virtual capabilities that are unlimited in the count but also allow a compatible way of using the emergency vehicle lights


#3. Li-Fi Connectivity 

As a successor to WiFi connectivity, LiFi is known to be the next big step in LEDs advancement. What differentiates both is the use of light in LiFi connectivity instead of radio waves for faster transmission of data, essentially a hundred times better. This will be introduced in the LED lighting system to create an exceptional pathway for internet connectivity in LEDs from almost every sphere specially for LED emergency vehicle lights


#4. Niche LED Lighting 

Interior light bars in residential areas are also experiencing an exceptional changeover. This includes the introduction of Niche LED lighting for internal spaces in residential buildings and commercial spaces. This offers a stylish and cost-effective aesthetic for that particular interior space. 


#5. More And More Countries Are Emerging 

Given the cost-effectiveness and durability that LED mini light bars offer, more and more countries are moving towards adopting this technology. The LEDs emit direct opposition to what incandescent lights offer, which indeed makes them a far better option. More people understand the growth curve of LEDs that probably seems to be holding steady. 


Let’s Wrap Up

According to the Global LED Market Report and Forecast report, it is recorded that the LED lighting market has achieved an incomparable value of approx USD 64,000 in the year 2021. This figure is perceived to double up in the coming five years as it acts as an aid to the rising environmental consciousness globally.
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