Off-Road Lights

Do you want that stress free feeling of knowing that you have installed the best Off Road Lights Bars so you can drive with ease with peace of mind without worrying about anything? Having a good quality LED off-road lights is extremely important for the safety of the driver as well as pedestrians. Our products are trusted by the public sector as well as large scale private organizations and we have received so much positive feedback. At Abrams, we manufacture, create and innovate our product ourselves so we know what our customers want in a product and how to keep up with their preferences. At Abrams, we give everyone personal attention and provide them guidance and solutions to the queries they have. We believe in long term relationships rather than just transactions and monetary relations.

You might be switching from manufacturer to manufacturer just to find the best safety solution for yourself. Buying the newest and brightest LED off road lights will be a better option than using that cheaply and carelessly made LED off-road lights that you are not even sure if it will last a mile. LED off road lights are one of the vehicle safety solutions that we manufacture. Our LED off-road lights have a life time of 50000 hours and are sure to last long! They are waterproof and anti corrosive so you know you are getting the best and brightest led off road lights just so you can drive freely.

Features of Off Road Lights bars

We will recommend you to buy LED off road lights immediately from Abrams without a doubt and stop using the old ones that you were previously using. Our off road lights bars were designed according to your needs and requirements. They are of high quality at an affordable price so that you will not have to pay much for yours and others safety as we believe safety should not cost much to anyone.

Our LED off road lights are strong and tough and they will not break down very easily unlike those carelessly made ones that do not even last a mile and get torn apart. We have these LED off road lights to take care of you and here are some of the features of our best lights for off road:

  1. They have been IP rated waterproof and so you can drive stress free even while it is raining
  2. They are made of aluminum profile and stainless steel so that these best lights for off road can have a long lifespan.
  3. These off road light bars are made of toughened PC glass to make sure they do not break very easily and you can use stress free.
  4. Our lights have lumen output to provide you with bright lighting. These lights strike a balance between brightness and energy efficiency.
  5. These lights have high intensity Cree LEDs and 4D optic lenses as well.

Who Uses Off-road Lights bars?

At Abrams, you will not have to worry about the application as our off road light bars can be installed on almost every vehicle, from motorcycles to tanks. No matter what you drive, our best lights for off road are just the right fit for your vehicle. Whether you drive 4x4, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, RVs, Jeeps, Tractors, Trucks, Cars, Campers, Road Buggies, Sand Rails, Trains, Forklifts, Vans, Pickups, etc. This light can even be installed on boats, yachts, skiffs, freighters, and ships to enhance the illuminating brightness of a voyage.

What will you get after purchasing off road lights bars from Abrams?

At Abrams, we are transparent with our customers, we provide them with full details and information that we feel is necessary for them to know. Unlike other organizations that do not provide information beforehand and then when the product gets delivered, you are disappointed. We will be proud to give you full details, as we have manufactured our products ourselves and added every feature that you want and of course we will love to let you know about them. We can guarantee you that you will get all the features that we have mentioned and you will not be disappointed. Here is what you will get after buying brightest led off road lights from Abrams MFG:

  • Off road lights bars with all the mentioned features
  • Mounting Hardware Pack so you will not have to worry about buying anything extra.
  • Relay Kit
  • Owner’s Manual so that you can install them yourself and you will not have to take someone else’s assistance.

Warranty and services

We have industry experts that will be there to assist you and answer any question that you have regarding the installation. Whether you want to ask about installation, customisation or just any general information related to the product, we are just a call away. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction as we, at Abrams, offer lifetime customer support, which basically means that we will be there to address any concerns that you have at any point in time.

Along with that, Abrams offers a 30 days money back guarantee and that means if you are disappointed, you can return it within 30 days just by calling us. You can, but you will certainly not, as our product is what you were looking for and will meet all your preferences and expectations. We offer this deal because we know our products will not disappoint you as we take care of every detail.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What will be delivered after purchasing?

You can expect an off road lights bars with all the above mentioned features along with a mounting hardware pack as well as relay kit, so you will not have to stress and run to buy anything else after purchasing these best lights for off road from Abrams MFG.

Are these off-road lights bars waterproof and can I use them in rain?

Yes, our off-road lights bars are IP rated waterproof and you can even drive freely even while it is raining. Rain or any weather will not affect these brightest led off road lights, and you can be stress free without worrying about damaging these lights in the rain.

Are these lights easy to install?

Yes! These lights are very easy and simple to install. Installing these brightest led off road lights is not a complex process. It comes with an instruction manual and you will just have to go through the manual to install these best lights for off road. You will not have to call someone else and pay them for the installation as you can install these lights yourself.

Can I install off road lights bars from Abrams on my car?

Ofcourse! These off road lights bars can be easily installed on your car. Just go through the manual and you might even be able to install them yourself without someone else’s assistance. In case you have any questions regarding installation, we have industry experts that will be there to help you at any time! Apart from that, no matter what you drive from cars to yachts, Abrams’ best lights for off road can be installed anywhere.

Can I get service from Abrams even after purchasing?

ABSOLUTELY! We offer lifetime customer support and that means we will help our visitors and customers if they have any questions regarding the installation or any general information about the product at any time. You can ask any question even after purchasing, as your feedback is our top priority at Abrams.

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