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Stay Safe With These Warning Light Bars In Your Truck

by Jatin Sethi 05 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Your safety cannot be overlooked regardless of what truck you own, whether a tow truck or a fire truck. And it’s not just about you and your truck; it is also about the hundreds of road users near you. Undoubtedly, an emergency truck can never bail out in any such situation, no matter what time of the day or what weather or location it is. In most cases, one finds unfavorable conditions as well. Hence, it is critical to get these emergency trucks equipped right. 

Here, LED warning light bars can be the best choice ever for first responders or any volunteer. With the latest technology emerging comes the advancement of LEDs along. So, guessing if these lights are handy for you might not be wrong. 


What LED Lights Are Best For Your Emergency Trucks?

Let’s look at a couple of LED strobe lights for trucks that can turn out to be a life-saver if you own a fire truck, tow truck, or any other one. 


  • Full Size LED Light Bars

Full-size LED amber light bars can be the best equipment for a larger truck. Not just in terms of size but also to provide 360-degree lighting for a complete directional movement. These lights prove to be the steadfast option for unfavorable conditions where visibility and clarity are far from sight. 

One must consider the hazardous challenges an emergency can bring in, and to avoid any mishap, visibility is a must. Equipping your vehicle with full-size LED warning light bars can eradicate any chances of such an incident by inducing a greater range of vision at the site. 

Although this can be a bit out of the pocket purchase, a worthy one!


  • Mini Light Bars

As apparent with the term, these mini light bars are compact, making them a mini type. You can absolutely leverage from its size, as it can be mounted on any surface, making it a versatile option among others. One can simply attach these with a magnet mount or screw them directly onto the roof surface of your fire truck or tow truck.

The efficiency of these mini light bars should not be underestimated because of their compactness. These can provide as much light as a full size LED warning light bar emits. Along with the versatility, mini light bars also come with a built-in blind spot. 


  • Dash Lights

When comparing the two light bars, i.e., mini light bars and dash light bars, you will find that dash lights for sale are a much more affordable option. These light bars are also known as visor lights or indoor LED light bars, which come with a targeted bright light. Dash lights can be an ideal option for an illuminated surrounding to work at. The features are not just confined to this; these lights also alert other motorists of the work process going on at the site.

One more interesting feature of these interior light bars is that they are almost non-existing when not active. These warning light bars often come as small light bars and miniature light bars that are likely to veil in front of the dash or on top of the visor. 


  • LED Strobe Light

If you are looking for a LED strobe light for trucks that can be easily mounted almost anywhere in your truck, then you must consider strobe lights truck and beacon lights as your first choice. Not only just illumination but their versatility as well counts in for their popularity among most truck owners. 

LED strobe warning lights allow greater visibility with the different patterns they are available. These can often be seen attached with most emergency vehicles hovering on the roads. 


Let’s Wrap Up:

If you are looking for an upgrade in your fire or tow truck, you can consider the LED amber light bars mentioned above. And finding one can be an overwhelming task with the wide number of options that you can come across. Here, Abrams MFG comes to your rescue. We offer the latest LED strobe light bars that work best in all spheres.
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