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How To Use Headlight and Flasher In The Right Manner?

by Jatin Sethi 06 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Have you ever considered if you are using your headlight bars amber and flasher appropriately? Yes, you might be an experienced driver, and it’s no biggie. You probably know what lights need to be used in what situation. Still, this is shady, and there are chances you might be doing it wrong all these years. 


When on the road, you never know what the drivers are intended for, and it’s not necessary that you are going to encounter a good one. So before you blame the truck driver who just bailed aside, you should know what to do in such a situation. Especially if you are ballin’ in a state where fog, rain, snow, and sleet are ubiquitous, this becomes hella important. 


One trivial question among all, be it first responders or civilians, is how they should be flashing red light bars at different hours of the day?


Using Headlights In The Bright Hours, i.e., The DayTime


You probably are wondering if it’s futile to flash strobe warning lights in the daytime, but you may be hiding from some crucial facts to consider. 


No matter what time of day, you should always be jacked with the right LED strobe light bars to guard yourself in a situation. It is likely to rain, or a storm might be heading towards your area. Visibility can be an issue here and what you will need here is to turn on your headlights. 


Although, it’s important to note that whether a first responder or a civilian, you must not unnecessarily turn on your red light bars during the day. Exceptions are only for extreme situations when perceptibility is a far-sighted case. 


Using Headlights In The Dark Hours, i.e., The NightTime


When driving in the darkest hours, there is always a dilemma that most of us dangle between. And one needs to make a balance between choosing the visibility at night time and not blinding others with their flashing headlights. 


Nevertheless, it is essential to switch on the LED strobe light bars no matter how much clarity you receive with the street lights. 


Points To Consider While Flashing Headlights 


Consider the below points to use the emergency vehicle lights at any time of the day. 


  • State Law


One must always stick with their State laws, no matter which area you belong to. Although, when you observe closely, you will find that different states have defined different laws, figuring out your arena is critical. 


There are a few states that have made it legal to use strobe warning lights in the daytime as well. However, at night time, it is the bottom line. 


Besides, one should never forget to turn on the light bars amber half an hour prior to sunset and after sunrise. 


  • Frequency Of The Beam 


You are already aware that color recognition, peripheral vision, and depth perception are limited at night, which ignites the necessity for ultimate visibility. Hence, with this urgency comes a couple of points that one must consider:


  • Blinding the other driver might come common here. To avoid this, you require dimming the headlights at a 500 ft distance while another vehicle approaches. 

  • Follow the path along with low beam red light bars in the perimeter of 200-300 ft of other vehicles.

  • Avert the usage of high-beam lights in order to retaliate against other vehicles. You both may get blinded by the flash. 

  • Always turn on your high-beam lights while driving down rural areas or highways. 


For day time, you can swing between the use of high beam and low beam  strobe warning lights when required:


  • Use high beam light bars amber when on rural or mountain roads. 

  • You can consider using daytime running lights (DRLs) for a brighter sight. 

  • Know that DRLs are not safe for use at night.

  • Turn on the low beam lights when you encounter a daytime headlight section on the road. 


  • Bad Weather


Knowing what lights are appropriate for bad weather situations, including fog, rain, snow, or dusty storms, stands critical among all. 

You can find the right  LED strobe light bars of premium quality with Abrams MFG as we have been in this arena for quite a long and have the right experience to guide you through this.
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