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Types Of Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights and How To Use Them

by Jatin Sethi 06 Jun 2022 0 Comments
Imagine a first responder fleet vehicle hurtling on the road but without any warning lights or sirens. 

Frightening right? There can be countless things at stake, and most importantly, human lives. Be it an emergency; you couldn’t afford to take any chance being a first responder. And this simply implies your emergency vehicle must come jacked well equipped before a situation takes place. 

Here, it becomes acute to be acquainted with different emergency vehicle lights and how to use them. 

In this post, we will be discussing the features of a couple of LED warning lights for emergency vehicles and also guide you with the know-how to use them appropriately. 


You Can Consider The Below LED Warning Lights For The Lighting Upgrade

If you are perplexed with what lighting upgrade can be the best for you, these LED strobe light bars can prove to be handy.


  • Spotlights


Overview: These LED warning light bars are among the most commonly used for their long distance visibility. When attached to your emergency vehicle, you get a streaming pattern of light depending on the color and shape you opt for. To simply put, you get greater visibility and lighting, and for a fact, this counts as a better lighting alternative than the traditional one. 


Where To Use: You can mount these on the top (aka roof) of your emergency vehicle, which is almost similar to beacon light mounting. These come in-built with heavy-duty magnets and thus, easily stick in place. 


  • Mini LED Light Bars 


Mini light bars are compact, as the name indicates, and can effectively converge with your visibility and proper lighting necessities. These LED warning light bars are capable of emitting multiple flash patterns at a time. The best part of having these as your lighting upgrade is that you don’t have to worry about them getting affixed, and you can replace them as you want.  

Where To Use: As these lights can be mounted anywhere, you can prefer to put them below the roof racks of your vehicle. You can then get a pulsating brightness that can easily caution the other road users. 


  • Grille Light Bars


Overview: With these LED warning light bars, you get the right volume of lumens that light up to give you a proper  identification of other road users and pedestrians. No matter what hour of the day it is, you get higher visibility with these by your side. 

Where To Use: The grill vehicle light bars can be a perfect fit for your vehicle’s front part. You can rest assured with whatever position you want it to mount at. These lights are very flexible and can be customized for your emergency vehicle. 


  • Beacon Light Bars


Overview: LED flashing beacon lights have been in the market since the 1950s and have been ever pervasive since then. One can only witness a surge in its demand, if not anything else. They are quite popular because they feature a flashing and rotating model with 360-degree illumination. It serves a greater intensity and flashing rate, making it easier to grab attention. 

Where To Use: Beacon strobe warning lights are mostly seen attached to police emergency vehicles, fire trucks, tow trucks, warehouse order pickers, and snowplows. 


  • Hideaway Lights


Overview: As the name suggests, these LED warning lights literally hide away from the standard lighting. Although compact, this doesn’t affect their illumination as they are visible even on a brighter day. The exciting part is you can choose from different patterns of light and can leverage the ease of installation that these light bars offer. 

Where To Use: Hideaway light bars or truck tail lights have received quite a fame for their versatility as they can be mounted almost anywhere on your emergency vehicle. However, you can find these often fixed to the headlight or taillight. 


Where Can You Get Premium Quality LED Emergency Vehicle Lights?

If you are considering the above discussed light bar system for your emergency lighting upgrade and are wondering where you can find it all, then Abrams MFG is your go-to option. We deal with all types and sizes of LED warning light bars for almost every vehicle, including emergency vehicles.


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