LED Hideaway Strobe Lights

Have you been searching for LED Hideaway Strobe lights online and yet couldn’t come across a good one? Well, now you will, as Abrams MFG is here at your service! Abrams MFG takes pride in having lowered prices for vehicle safety technologies. We have stayed devoted to our mission of offering economical and cost-effective vehicular safety solutions and manufacturing high-quality goods at some of the most affordable rates.

Hideaway strobe lights are small and concealed warning lights that are designed to fit inside the already installed lenses of emergency vehicles such as headlights or taillights. Hideaway strobe lights for trucks are undetectable when they are not used. They are considered a popular choice as they can be installed almost everywhere and are compact.

It might be difficult to choose the finest hideaway strobe lights for your specific requirements and car. At Abrams MFG, there are alternative options for you to meet your specific requirements for your vehicle!

Applications of LED Hideaway Strobe Lights

If safety is talked about, Abrams MFG’s hideaway LED strobe lights are the leaders as we have been in our mission of providing safety devices for vehicles. These hideaway LED strobe lights are ideal for use as bumper lights, side view mirror lights, deck lights, grille lights , and several other applications.

The US military, NASA, the US Department of Justice, and other significant companies in the private security, construction, finance, and logistics industries are just a few of the commercial uses for these reasonably priced LED hideaways strobe lights that are already in use.

What are the features of LED Hideaway Strobe Lights at Abrams MFG?

Abrams MFG’s hideaway strobe lights for trucks have unique and flexible features for your needs exactly how you want! A few of the features of Hideaway Amber Strobe lights are:

  1. Each of the lights has 18+ flash patterns that are syncable between multiple units
  2. Completely watertight, highly foggable, dust- and resistant to corrosion, as well as dust-proof
  3. It can be installed almost anywhere whether it be on a surface, a bumper or even a housing reflector.
  4. It is self-contained, simple to operate and comes with an owner's manual to make it easy for you!
  5. They have a built-in flasher that will not need any additional tool or device for flashing or brightness.
  6. It has a customizable flash pattern with the help of which you can meet any requirement you will be needing.

Along with these features, these hideaway LED strobe lights are IP67 Waterproof while being SAE Class 1 certified. What else can miss apart from these features?

Why buy LED Hideaway Strobe Lights from Abrams MFG?

Abrams MFG prides in always providing top-notch products in high quality and affordable cost. Hideaway strobe lights for trucks are designed to keep you safe on the roads and to provide better visibility so that you will be aware of approaching vehicles or objects.

Here’s why you should consider buying hideaway strobe lights from Abrams MFG:

  • You will get quality products since these lights are SAE Class 1 Certified.
  • The 7th Generation LEDs used in these Hideaway Amber Strobe lights have lenses with linear spreader optics.
  • This LED lighthead is assured to improve the visibility of all emergency response vehicles thanks to its 18+ customizable flash patterns, synchronization feature between several units, and selectable high/low intensity.

Warranty and Services

The core value of Abrams MFG is trust, and we back it up with a solid 5-year warranty on each and every one of our Hideaway Amber Strobe lights. This document is more than simply a piece of paper; it is a guarantee of your safety. We want you to know that by selecting our hideaway strobe lights for trucks, you're selecting long-lasting safety, therefore our guarantee is more than just a statement. Your safety will always be our first priority since we are here to ensure it.

FAQ's Related to Hideaway Strobe Lights

A: At Abrams MFG, colors ranging from amber, blue, red, white, purple, green as well as alternative options like amber-white, green-red, purple white, blue-white, red-blue, green-white, red-white are all available to meet your needs.

A: Yes, LED Hideaway Strobe Lights are very easy to install. You will not need to call an expert to install these lights. It comes with an owner’s manual and can be installed according to the given instructions.

A: Yes, these Hideaway Amber Strobe lights are designed in such a way that they can handle almost any weather. They can usually work well in rain, snow or dusty weather. Along with that, LED Hideaway Strobe Lights are shockproof and dustproof as well.

A: We provide Hideaway Amber Strobe Lights for trucks, police vehicles, fire vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction and emergency first responder vehicles as part of our product range.