Trailer Reflective Tape

A trailer reflective tape that will not damage the paint? That's pretty challenging to find but actually, not at Abrams. At Abrams, we manufacture, innovate and provide our products ourselves and which is why we know what a customer needs.

Reflective safety tape for trailers usually gets torn or damaged easily. They don't last very long. If that sounds very relatable to you, you are not using Abrams reflective trailer tapes. Our Safety Reflective Tapes for Trailers are DOT C2 certified and have a very strong adhesive to make sure that they last long and keep you safe on the road.

Features of Trailer Reflective Tapes

Our safety reflective tape for trailers is not like one of those cheaply and carelessly manufactured ones that gets wiped off or gets flown away with the wind. To keep you safe and visible on the road, we have made these safety reflective tape for trailers highly reflective and with a strong adhesive to make sure they will stick by your vehicle for a long period of time. Here are some features of Abrams reflective tape for trailers:

  1. These tapes have extremely high nighttime reflectivity and are DOT-C2 certified with certification markings.
  2. The patterns are highly visible and they can even be seen in daylight.
  3. Our reflective safety tape for trailers is very easy to apply to any clean and smooth surface and can be easily removed.
  4. They will not damage your vehicle's paint while or after removing and installing it.
  5. These tapes are waterproof and resist solvents like kerosene, gasoline, diesel, toluene and turpentine.

Application of Trailer Reflective Tapes

These reflective safety tapes are usually designed for the trucking industry but they can also be applied to trucks, vans, ATVs, campers, forklifts, trailers, buses, tractors, construction, water buoys, personal watercraft, garbage cans, construction rental equipment guardrails, mailboxes, motorhomes and anything that will need visibility at night.

What colors of trailer reflective tapes are available at Abrams MFG?

Any color that you have usually seen for tapes like these and that is usually used is available with us. We have lime green, green, blue, yellow, red, red/white and white colors as we know these are the ones you will need for your vehicle. All these colors are highly visible at night and can keep you safe.

What are the benefits of buying Trailer Reflective Tapes from Abrams?

These Trailer Reflective Tapes were designed and manufactured keeping your needs in mind and we include everything that you can expect from the tape you want to buy. Here are the benefits of buying Trailer Reflective Tapes from Abrams MFG:

  1. These tapes are highly stretchable and can be applied to any curved surface, including flat ones.
  2. Our tapes have a very long life span of 10 years and they will keep you safe while driving on the road for a long period of time.
  3. These tapes are super reflective. They are good in the daylight and amazing at night.
  4. We have almost any color that you want at an affordable price so you will not have to go to other manufacturers.

Warranty and Services

At Abrams, we offer a lifetime customer support service that allows any visitor or customer to ask their query at any point in time. Whether you are about to buy, while buying or have already bought. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us and simply ask your queries. We are more than happy to assist our visitors and customers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: From lime green, green, blue, yellow, red, red/white to white color, we have it all. All of these colors are super reflective as well as visible at night.

If you are buying from Abrams MFG, be stress free as safety reflective tape for trailers at Abrams usually has a lifespan of 10 years and sticks around for a long time.

A: Absolutely! We have your back whenever you need it. We offer lifetime customer support and can assist you anytime you have a query regarding our product as we give our customers and their safety top priority.