LED Work Light

At Abrams, we are a vehicle safety solution and we manufacture our products ourselves. From installation to operation, Abrams products are engineered to perform. That means they’re easy to understand, straightforward to operate and simple to maintain. Finding the right safety solution should be a stress free experience. At Abrams MFG, everyone receives personal attention- we provide guidance and answer questions long after the purchase. We don’t believe in transactions but rather in long lasting partnerships that change lives, one vehicle at a time.

Buying a new LED work light is a much better option than having the old one that you are using. LED work lights are one such product that Abrams manufactures, and it is time to replace your old ones with these new ones. Our LED work lights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, along with being waterproof and shockproof so you know you are getting the best. Apart from that, these LED work lights have high visibility and they can be easily installed to stick on your vehicle for a long time so you can be safe on the road while driving.

Features of LED Work Lights

If you were looking for ergonomics and the best LED work lights, you should definitely, without a doubt, go for Abrams. We have designed and manufactured our work lights according to the needs of our customers. They are of high quality at an affordable price so that our buyers will not have to pay much for their safety, as we believe that safety should not cost anyone much. To keep you safe while driving, we have these super bright work led lights that will take care of you along with others. Here are some more features of LED work lights:

  1. They have been rated IP68 waterproof so you will not even have to worry when it is raining and you can drive stress free with these LEDs.
  2. These lights have a wide degree beam angle that will ensure a bright range of light.
  3. Our lights have high quality LEDs that make sure they will have powerful and energy efficient lighting.
  4. These lights can light up any area as they have a flood beam pattern in them, which will be able to brighten up even large areas and it will be easy for you to drive at night as well.
  5. They have raw lumen outputs to provide you with bright lighting. These lights consume 18 watts of power, which gives a balance between brightness and energy efficiency.
  6. These LED work lights can work even in extremely cold weather and extreme heat, which means that they will be suitable for any weather and environment.

Applications of LED Work Lights

This is something you will not have to worry about. No matter what vehicle you have, from boats to trucks, our work LED lights will suit all of them. Whether you drive ATVs, RVs, Jeeps, Tractors, Agricultural machinery, Forklifts, Vans, Pickups, Off road emergencies, etc. Along with that, you can even use these lights as outdoor construction or warehouse safety lights.

Advantages of buying LED Work Lights from Abrams MFG

You will get so many advantages from buying these best LED work lights from Abrams MFG. While we innovate our products, we keep our customer’s preferences in mind to keep them safe. Work LED lights should be of high quality and have a long lifespan, which is why our LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours so that they can stick with you for a longer period of time, unlike those carelessly made LEDs. Well, these are just some of the advantages you will get after purchasing the best LED work lights from Abrams. Here are the advantages of buying from Abrams:

  1. These lights have an innovative fish eye design and they have high reflector cups to keep you safe at night so that you will be able to drive with peace at night.
  2. You will not even have to worry about any other charges apart from just paying for these lights so that you can drive carefree knowing that you have installed and bought the best LED work lights.
  3. Everything will be in your favor and there is zero risk involved in purchasing the best LED work lights from Abrams.
  4. These lights are shockproof and have corrosion die cast aluminum so they will definitely pass the test of time.
  5. There is no hidden cost, we are not going to ask you to pay for any charges. These lights do not even need much maintenance so you will nearly have to pay no charges.
  6. These lights are easy to install and you will just have to read the instruction manual that comes with them to install them without having to call someone and pay them for installation.

What will you get after purchasing LED work lights from Abrams?

We will provide you with full information and be transparent, unlike organisations that do not provide information beforehand and then when the product gets delivered, all you get is disappointment. We are here to give you all the information and we will be proud of that as we have manufactured our products ourselves and added every feature that you want. We can guarantee you that you will get all the features that we have mentioned and will not be disappointed. Here is what you will get after purchasing work LED lights from Abrams:

  • LED Work Light
  • Waterproof DT Connector
  • Mounting brackets with Screws
  • Installation Instructions

Warranty and services

We have industry experts to answer any query that you have. No matter what your question is regarding the product, we will address each of those at any point in time. If you have any questions about the installation, customization or just general information about the lights, we have got your back! We can guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction, as we offer lifetime customer support and will be there to address any of your concerns or issues.

Apart from that, Abrams offers a 30 days money back guarantee, which means if you are disappointed, you can return it within 30 days just by calling us. You can but you will not, as our product is what you were looking for and will meet all your preferences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can expect an LED work light with all the features that we have mentioned, a waterproof DT connector to help you with the installation and mounting brackets with screws so you will not have to run to buy anything else after purchasing LED work lights from Abrams.

A: Absolutely! The package has an instruction manual and you will just have to read it to install these lights, which will save you from any extra charges.

A: OF COURSE! We have lifetime customer support, which means that we will assist our customers if they have any questions regarding the installation or any general information about the product. You can ask any question even after purchasing, as we believe in building relationships, not transactions!