LED Backup Lights

Are you missing the pleasure of driving in peace without having to worry about anything because you know you have installed the best LED backup lights? The drivers who have chosen LED backup lights from Abrams MFG can relate. Abrams MFG is a vehicle safety solution for all drivers and agents. At Abrams, we manufacture and innovate our own products and we know what a customer needs. We have been supplying our products to many reputed OEM, and we have received so many positive reviews. We are confident in our products and it reflects in the products themselves.

Our LED backup lights are a safety solution that has been manufactured by us and we know you are going to purchase from us now as our products have been designed keeping our customers in mind to be according to them. LED backup lights from Abrams are SAE and DOT certified, along with being waterproof and shockproof. Apart from that, our backup trailer lights have been manufactured to be energy efficient and they will definitely reduce the possibility of accidents.

Features of LED Backup Lights

When it comes to LED backup lights, you cannot go for cheap and carelessly made backup lights that will just fall after traveling a few miles. Before buying an LED backup light, you should check for a few factors. At Abrams, we design products according to what drivers and visitors are looking for in a product to keep it more versatile. Here are some features of our backup trailer lights:

  1. These lights are SAE and DOT Certified.
  2. Our LED backup lights were designed exactly according to standard industry sizes.
  3. Our lights are IP67 rated waterproof and submersible.
  4. These lights use energy efficient LEDs with colored lenses so that you can get whichever color you want.
  5. These LED backup lights have a 2 years warranty.

Advantages of buying LED Backup Lights from Abrams

Abrams knows what customers usually look for in a product and we can list out several features of our LED backup lights but we know what is actually important for you. Our backup lights will keep you and others safe on the road at night so that you can drive peacefully at night. The main advantages of buying backup trailer lights from Abrams are:

  1. These trailer backup lights will even work on foggy or rainy days and others will be able to see your vehicle even from miles away at night.
  2. Our LED backup lights come with an instruction manual and accessories so you will not have to buy anything extra or call someone to install them, as they are very easy to install.
  3. If you want to replace your old lights with a new and waterproof LED backup then you should definitely buy from us.
  4. These backup trailer lights are shockproof and dustproof so that you will not have to worry about anything and you can drive freely.

Why do drivers like LED backup lights from Abrams?

There are several reasons why drivers usually go for LED backup lights from us and you will know when you will start using trailer backup lights. While other backup trailer lights come without any instructions or manual accessories, we provide our visitors with all the information they will receive after buying trailer backup lights from us. That is the reason why drivers like our backup lights.

  1. Our LED backup lights are ideal and suitable for almost any vehicle, which makes it versatile.
  2. These lights are weather friendly and fully submersible.
  3. You can go and buy other cheaper lights but they will cost you more and more in the long run.

Warranty and Services

At Abrams, we have a 30 days money back guarantee on almost all our products, which allows you to return the products within a month if you are not satisfied. If our product disappoints you, you can always contact us and return the product within 30 days. We have decided to offer this amazing deal since we know that our products will not disappoint you! Along with that, our LED backup lights come with a 2 year warranty.

We offer lifetime customer support as well, which means if you have any questions related to the product before, during or after making a purchase, you can call us and we will be there to assist you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: Yes, our LED backup lights have been rated IP67 waterproof. You can drive your vehicle in the foggy or rainy season without having to stress about anything.

A: Yes! We offer a 30 days money back guarantee which means that if our product disappoints you can return it anytime within 30 days just by calling us.

A: Absolutely! We give your safety and queries the front seat! If you have any questions related to the product, we will assist you and try our best to solve your query.