Abrams Traffic Advisor Light Bars

It is now advisory to have Traffic Advisor Light Bars installed on vehicles. These traffic advisor LED light bars notify you if any trailing traffic is approaching and keep you safe. It is now advised to install these lights to avoid any penalties and fines for not installing them.

At Abrams, we are a manufacturer as well as a supplier of vehicle safety solutions and we have supplied our products to so many organizations. We have received so much positive feedback and reviews regarding our LED traffic advisor directional light bar.

Features of Traffic Advisor Light Bar from AbramsMFG

We have manufactured our Traffic Advisor Light Bar with you and the law in mind to get the best one for you so that you won't have to worry about anything! We have also added so many features to our Traffic Advisor LED light bar and we will be glad to be transparent with you. We will tell you about all the features our LED traffic advisor directional light bars have so here are they:

  1. These Traffic Advisor Light Bars are SAE Class 1 certified.
  2. These lights have built-in flashers so you will not have to add any extra add-ons. The flasher is bright enough to enhance the visibility by so much.
  3. Our Traffic Advisor LED light bars are IP-rated waterproof, as well as shockproof and dustproof.
  4. It even has a dim mode that you can turn on if the normal light is too much for you in certain circumstances.
  5. They have 25 flash patterns with pattern memory recall so you are even getting these extra features as well.

What types of traffic advisor light bar colors are available at Abrams MFG?

We understand that you have personal or required color needs. So, you have the choice of selecting from a range of LED traffic advisor directional light bar light colors from Abrams.
We have all the main colors, i.e., Blue, Yellow, Red, and Blue-Red that you can choose from with 25 flash patterns!

What factors to consider when buying a Traffic Advisor Light Bar online?

Some organizations do not disclose all the information regarding a product, which is why you should check all the requirements that you have. We have listed all the points that you need to check. You should remember and consider these factors before or during buying a Traffic Advisor Light Bar online:

  • Quality of the product
  • Reviews of the customer
  • Warranty and Services
  • Installation process
  • Affordability
  • Durability and visibility

Advantages of Buying a Traffic Advisor Light Bar from Abrams

We at Abrams manufacture our products with care and consideration. From adding all the features that you want in a LED traffic advisor directional light bar to making it of high quality at an affordable price so that you won't have to worry much about spending a large sum of money for your safety, we have come up with the best safety solution for you. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a LED traffic advisor directional light bar from Abrams MFG:

  1. They have eight traffic advisor patterns and they follow standard rules and regulations regarding such lights.
  2. Our Traffic Advisor Light Bar uses energy-efficient LEDs and they are 7th-generation LEDs.
  3. They come with an instruction manual to help you with the installation and the best part is that you can even install these lights yourself just by reading the instruction manual. And of course, if you need any help regarding the installation, just reach out to us.
  4. These lights come with a warranty of 5 years so you know that you are getting the best!

Warranty and Services

Before purchasing, a customer goes through the warranty and services that they will receive and we at Abrams understand that. We have a warranty of 5 years on our Traffic Advisor Lights bar, as we are pretty confident in our product and it reflects. After installing, if you have any queries or issues with Traffic Advisor light bars, you can always reach out to us and we will ensure that your query will be solved. We have industry experts to answer or help you with any question that you have regarding the product, whether it be about installation, customization, or just any general information. We will be there to assist you and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: Yes, we have different varieties of colors that you can choose from. We have Amber, Red, Blue, and Red-Blue colors available at Abrams, so you can purchase any of these according to your requirements or choice!

A: At Abrams, yes, it is! You heard that right! Abrams MFG has this deal where you can purchase our LED traffic advisor directional light bars, mount them on your vehicle, and use them for 30 days If you still get disappointed or if these traffic advisor light bars do not satisfy your needs, you can always have the option of returning them within 30 days by just reaching out to us. We have this deal because we know you can but you will not, as our products never disappoint!

A: Yes, you can! These Traffic Advisor light bars are IP-rated waterproof and can be used even while it is raining. You will not have to worry about getting these lights wet in the rain, as they are waterproof and you can drive freely in the rain.