Light Bars

Magnetic Light Bar

Driving should not feel like a risky adventure just because your old LED magnetic light bar has stopped working. How long will you go without buying a new one and...

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Tow Truck Light Bars

Working with a tow truck basically means facing unpredictable and sudden risks on an open road. Driving through busy traffic, bad weather or low visibility at night can be challenging and it is not an easy task. Taking care of your, your vehicle's and other pedestrians or driver’s safety can be concerning and it is something you will worry about. Well, this...

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Purple Funeral Lights

Sometimes, Purple Funeral Lights used in funeral settings don't last very long. They can sometimes stop working suddenly or need replacement very often. That sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? You want something that lasts and something that is reliable. That's where the problem is with some purple funeral strobe lights. They lack durability. They are not tough enough to handle the demands of...

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