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Emergency Vehicle Lights

You Are Probably Missing Out These 8 Things About LEDs

by Abrams MFG 12 May 2022
Contrary to incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED or light-emitting diodes are in trend. Not only does it beat the traditional ones in terms of productivity, but it also heads up as an energy saver. People are aware of its durability and environmental sustainability, but this blog post has more to do with what people don’t know. Don’t worry; we got you covered if you are among those people!

What Sets LED Lighting Apart From Others?

Let’s look at some of the interesting facts about LED light bars amber that you might not be aware of. 

  • You Can Find More Colors For LED Lights Other Than Just Blue

There are chances that you might have come across only white LED lights with blue undertones. No blame game here, but this is because bluish-white is the most common and preferred color of all. 

And chances are you might be limited to blue light bars only, but there is more to explore. You can find all shades and colors if you really are looking for them. As an alternative to CFLs, LED lights offer a color temperature of 2700K, making them “warm white.” Thus, these are accessible in almost every color, be it warning light bars or vehicle light bars

blue light bars


  • Electricity Can Be Converted Into Light With LEDs

If you compare the conventional bulbs and LEDs, you will find that LED interior light bars are more efficient. LED strobe lights generally use a semiconductor that helps in converting electricity into light. 

You will be amazed to know that you can drop the energy usage by 80% when you are convinced to switch from conventional lights to LEDs. 


  • LEDs Are Safer Than Traditional Lighting 

LEDs are far away from any traces of mercury poisoning found in traditional lighting. Yes, this is true! Not only does it give out toxic mercury build-up in groundwater, but it also acts as a catalyst for severe diseases.

LED mini light bars being antithetical here, are safer than any form of lighting ever. Just not sager, saner for the environment as well. 


  • You Won’t Burn Up With LEDs

If you have ever used any incandescent or fluorescent bulb, you must know that they are boiling. Won’t recommend this, but you can try reaching out a lampshade bulb, then you will know. 

But LEDs are cool, just like they sound. You are not at any risk of burning your fingertips with LED interior light bars. Can’t say the same for traditional lights, so better stay away from them. 


  • LEDs Give Out A Smart Technology Essence 

Gone are the days when we were stuck with old-fashioned switches for turning them on and off. Now is the era of smart devices and technologies, and one such smart innovation is LEDs. There is no more hassle with switches now; you can operate them using your phones. Just sync it right with your device and forget the boards. 


  • LEDs Can Be Focused As Well As Omnidirectional

If you are a keen observer, then you must have noticed that a lampshade bulb throws light at a focused path. You don’t get options here. But with LED mini light bars, you can choose both focused and omnidirectional lighting. It totally depends on your requirements. Omnidirectional LED strobe lights are primarily used in homes to give a lighting effect overall.  


  • LEDs Don’t Emit Any Heat Waves

Unlike traditional lights that waste almost 90% of energy to create heat, LED blue light bars to produce a very minimal amount of heatwave and allow greater efficiency in all spheres. This makes them environmentally friendly as well as a more sustainable option in terms of choosing the right form of lighting. 



  • LEDs Are More In Use Than Light Fixtures 

You will not find any sphere without LED interior light bars, be it traffic lights, emergency vehicles, personal vehicles, or television sets. What makes this ubiquitous is its durability, which counts up to 25,000 hours, and compact size. Although, it has more to it, for instance, ease of maintenance, different patterns, and affordability.

You can find the best quality LED vehicle light bars and interior light bars of different designs and patterns with Abrams MFG. We have been dealing with premium LED lights for all your needs. Contact us now!
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