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Emergency Vehicle Lights

The Ultimate Guide To Emergency Vehicle Lights

by Abrams MFG 01 Jan 2014
As the term suggests, emergency vehicles may come jacked with all the essentials one might need in an extreme situation. As a matter of fact, emergency vehicle lights and safety measures top the list. 

Most of the incidents take place with a dire need for basic amenities like visibility and safety, and sometimes, they fail to get even these. To get instant help, an emergency vehicle must be well-equipped prior to any incident, so no further complications occur. 

Problems that one may face without the safety and visibility measures worsen the situation. Without the emergency vehicle lights, it can be messed up for the responders to alarm the drivers and passengers as they approach, leading to a higher probability for accidents to take place. 

Let's walk through the reasons for the need for emergency vehicle lights:

  • Visibility when the vehicle approaches

The topmost advantage is the increased visibility with LED emergency vehicle lights attached to a vehicle. The lights make it easier for people to respond and learn if a vehicle is approaching on the way, and they are entitled to make way for them. This not only saves time but also eliminates any possibilities for any accidents. 

  • Safety with the illumination

Safety is a major concern that has to be attributed to strobe warning lights. With proper emergency lights fitted to a vehicle, it gets easier for road crews and workers to work in the illumination created. 

  • Awareness among road users

Awareness of visibility is necessitated with the emergency vehicle lights and sirens hovering on the road to rescue an emergency need. It also makes it easier for road users to differentiate among the regular vehicles and let them respond accurately. 

Now that we know how LED warning lights for emergency vehicles can benefit, let's discuss the different types available. 

Emergency Vehicle Lights And Its Different Types

You can find a variety of emergency vehicle lights and that also with different designs and features. But mostly, there are two types: Rear-facing and front-facing emergency vehicles. The former is useful in alerting the road users and surrounding people as the vehicle moves forward. The latter acts as a factor to reduce the possibility of rear-end accidents. 

Visor lights, Dash lights, Bumper lights, LED Grille Lights, and Hideaway LEDs can be categorized as front-facing emergency vehicle lights. Apart from them, LED strobe lights, Interior Light Bars, Surface mount lights, and Traffic advisor can be counted in rear-facing emergency lights. 

Color of Emergency Vehicle Lights 

Before moving on to the different colors for strobe warning lights, it is important to know if it really matters what color an emergency light is? 

To answer this question, let's refer to the areas where one might need LED emergency vehicles lights. Whether it is a construction vehicle, medical services vans, fire trucks or law enforcement vehicles, all need standard lighting attached to them. These serve the emergency requirements one might need, and hence, being on time, and quick rescue becomes the need of the hour. And here comes the emergency vehicle lights in this frame. 


Widely used by law enforcement crew and police vehicles, the blue LED warning lights for emergency vehicles can also be seen with emergency rescue vehicles and volunteer firefighters. These vehicles usually come with a combination of colors mixed with blue lights (like white, amber or red).


The color purple is rarely used for emergency vehicle lights, but you must know that it indicates a funeral, coroner, or even a medical service vehicle when you see one. However, you need to check with the laws for using it for whatsoever reasons. 


Green-colored lights are subjected to volunteer emergency medical technicians or private security owners. However, the use of this color by any organization has to undergo approval from the law in certain states of the US. 


You can see red strobe warning lights on vehicles alarming people. These lights are usually attached to ambulance vehicles, police vehicles and fire trucks. Being the most popular light color amongst others, it quickly comprehends an emergency. 


When combined with red or blue, the white color for emergency lights is usually employed on ambulances, police vehicles, and fire engines. In addition, white lights can be employed as rear-facing work lights or takedown lights to make a bigger impact. 


In many states, DOT, Tow Trucks, construction vehicles employ amber light bulbs to signal caution because of the vehicles' slow speed of travel and the potential to block traffic. You can see these lights on tow trucks, snowplows, and other utility vehicles typically using them for smooth work.

Let's Wrap Up 

Increasing visibility for any service vehicle is essential to arriving at the scene of an emergency quickly and safely. Abrams MFG offers a wide range of emergency vehicle lighting, which include but are not limited to: ambulance, police vehicles, fire trucks, county council, and rescue. 

Get the powerful emergency lighting you need with our great selection of different lights. We can meet all your emergency vehicle light needs, from flashing grille and dash lights to hideaway strobe kits. 
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