What customers are saying about Abrams MFG


What people say

Just bought my first dash light from them so far I’m really impressed. It is very bright and seems to be built well.

Duane Dotson, Facebook

As a new dealer for Abrams products in Liverpool, NY, I am extremely impressed with their commitment to price and quality. In over 20 years of electrical

Kenn Maverick Zesky, Facebook

We have the Quackler-2 on our demo vehicle here at Priority Pursuit, and we love it. You really have to hear it in person to truly appreciate

Mike Hambrick, Facebook

The lights are amazing. Very fast shipping. Just got done ordering lights for two are fire trucks. Now it’s time to order for my pov.

Tigger Lee Callahan, Facebook

So after I posted my negative review, in less than 24 hours I was contacted by Abrams and I was very impressed. Without question my siren was replaced with no issue unlike my

Dan Gill, Facebook

I have had a 27″ Light Bar for a very long time in intermittent EMS Response service. The Control Board failed and I was able to get excellent Customer Service from Abrams to

Tony Maggio, Facebook