Abrams Logic 2200 Programmable Handheld Siren System & Light Controller


Programmable Siren & Light Control System

• 200W compact siren system.
• 12 Relay output + 1 dry contact relay output.
• Fully Programmable with PC software.
• Integrated 15 buttons handheld controller.

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• Fully programmable and customizable configuration with PC software:
– Button & Input style: On/Off, Momentary, Timer and etc.
– Button Interlink, Interlock & Output port.
– Tone selection: Primary, Override, Dual Tone, Hand-free Tone.
– Multi-press function.
• 15-Button Hand-held Controller w/ built-in Mic, Button buzzer, 6-Traffic Arrow indicator LEDs, and power magnet mounting mechanism.
• 12 Relay Outputs (3x 15A, 3x 10A, 2x 2A, 4x 0.25A) and 1 dry contact relay output.
• 4 positive or negative activated Logic Inputs and 1 voltage-variable Analogue Input.
• 12~24VDC multi-voltage
• Multi-voltage Class D amplifiers generate an incredibly clean, crisp tone with low amp draw.
• Achieve optimum performance when paired with Abrams 100 Watt Siren Speaker
• 200W amplifier supports one or two 100W speakers (11Ω).
• Separate backlight control and covert mode (backlight disabled).
• Selectable tones include Wail, Yelp, Phaser (Piercer), Hi-Lo, Mechanical, 30+ Programmable Tones.
• Heavy-duty power and output connectors with easily accessible fuses.
• Radio Re-Broadcasting (RRB) for an audio replay.
• “Record-n-Play” function: Record instant replayable messages for up to 20 seconds.
• The “Dual Tone” function allows each speaker for a Multi-Speaker Effect.
• Voltage detection, programmable for auto low voltage protection.


Compliance: SAE J1849 EVS1, ECE R10, CISPR 25
Input Voltage: 12-24 VDC
Standby Current: 0 MA (w/o IGN wire) / <0.35A (w/IGN wire) Avg. Current: 8.5A @ 12VDC / 4A @ 24VDC
Max. Current: 20A @ 12VDC / 10A @ 24VDC (w/o light control outputs)
100A @ 12VDC / 50A @ 24VDC (w/o light control outputs)
Siren Output Power: 200W (100W Speakerx2) 11
Siren Output Load: 100W-ACR (11Ω)
Siren Frequency: varies between tones
Operating Temp: -30oC to 65oC
• Power
• IGN (Ignition)
• High Current Output x3
• Logic Input x4
• Radio Audio Input
• Controller Port
• Speaker Output x2 set
• Mid/Low Current Output x9
• Voltage-variable Analog Input x1
• Microphone TRS (optional)
• PC Link USB Port
Light Controls: (3) 15A, (3) 10A, (2) 2A, (4) 0.25A light control outputs
Fuse Ratings: Blade Fuse: 30A x1, 15A x3, 2A x2, 0.25A x4
Resettable Fuse: (4) 0.25A
Cable Lengths: Connector Harness x5 : 11.8″
RJ45 Cable: 13.1′


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