Abrams Logic 1100 Programmable Handheld Siren System & Light Controller


Programmable Siren & Control System

• 100W compact siren system.

• 4 x 5A relay output switches.

• 12-button handheld controller with a built-in microphone.

• Programmable Code 1,2 & 3 buttons, momentary/sustained / timed switch, siren volume & tone.

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• 100W siren amplifier for single speaker (11Ohm) setup.

• Class D amplifier for low amp draw and clean tone.

• 12-24VDC multi-voltage.

• Siren Interlock function that disables siren activation without primary warning.

• 4 x 5A relay output switch.

• 22 selectable tone cycles comprised of international and European tones.

• Positive input for Horn Ring Transfer.

• Radio Re-Broadcasting (RRB) and PA function.

• 12-button handheld controller with a built-in microphone.

• Compact design with aluminum chassis.

• Programmable Code 1/2/3 buttons, momentary/maintained/timer switch, siren volume, tone.

• Reverse Polarity Protection


Compliance: SAE J849 EVS1; CA13; ECE R10; CISPR 25

Input Voltage: 12~24VDC

Standby Current: 0mA (w/o IGN wire / 4A (w/ IGN wire)

Avg. Current: 8.5A @ 12VDC / 4A @ 24VDC

Max. Current:

10A @ 12VDC / 5A @ 24VDC (w/o light control outputs)

30A @ 12VDC / 25A @ 24VDC (w/ light control outputs)

Siren Output Power: 100W

Siren Output Load: 100W-ACR 11Ohms

Siren Frequency:

761Hz – 1592Hz (WAIL/YELP/PHASER)

362Hz – 733Hz (HI/LO)

Operating Temp: 86F to 149F

Input/Output: +VDC, IGN (Ignition), Radio Audio Input (+/-), -GND,

SW1~SW4, Speaker Output (+/-), Horn Ring Transfer Input

Siren Controls:

(5) On/Off buttons (Siren, Radio, Code 1, 2 & 3)

(3) Momentary buttons: (PTT, MAN, HORN)

(4) Momentary/Sustained/Timed buttons (SW1, 2, 3 & 4)

SW1 can be set to interlock SW2, 3, 4 & Siren

IGN (Ignition) input connection

HORN input connection

Light Controls: 4 lighted push button switches

Light Output Ratings: Built-in 5A fuse on each of the (4) outputs

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