LED License Plate Light

Oh, so you were finding a good manufacturer to buy LED License Plate Light? You have made a good decision by coming to Abrams's website. At Abrams, we create, innovate and manufacture the products ourselves. Abrams will now be your one stop solution for such needs or requirements. There are certain safety solutions that are needed, and you can trust Abrams for a good quality product at affordable prices. You will not have to worry about the laws and regulations as Abrams designs products keeping such things in mind to present you with the best one!

When it comes to safety, LED License Plate Lights from Abrams MFG of top-notch quality are there to help you while driving so that others can see your vehicle details even in dim lights. Our LED License Plate Lights have easy mounting options and are certified. Also, Our LED License Plate Lights are waterproof and dustproof so you will not have to worry about replacing them too soon! They follow the laws and regulations regarding these lights so you can have a peaceful ride at night without worrying yourself or the people around you.

Features of LED License Plate Light from Abrams MFG

Abrams products are designed while keeping the customer’s preferences in mind along with government laws and rules. We make sure you have the perfect product in your hand without even costing you much. We have confidence that we are the only organisation manufacturing high quality certified products at affordable prices so you will not have to worry about your expenses.

  1. SAE & DOT FMVSS-108 Approved
  2. Secure and easy stud mounting installation
  3. Sturdy All Weather Construction Body
  4. 100% IPX7 Waterproof and corrosion-free lights.
  5. 2-year warranty included

If you still need some more features or advantages of license plate LED lights to convince you, we've got you! We know what you need and your requirements and that is why we manufacture and add the products that you will need in license plate LED lights for your vehicle.

Advantages of buying Abrams MFG’s LED License Plate

If you want to know the advantages of buying these license plate light bars from Abrams MFG, simply read on. It will be worth reading the information about the product you are about to buy rather than buying a cheap and carelessly built light. Here are a few of the advantages you will get after buying from us:

  1. Make replacing your previous light easy like a breeze: Just simply read the simple directions and attach your external courtesy LED light to your car using the provided screws. No particular expertise or experience is required.
  2. Abrams license plate light bars will be best suited for all 12V vehicles, including your truck, camper, RV, ATV, short or long trailer, van, bus, pickup truck or even boat.
  3. Make your License plate look like it has never been before: The 2 x super-bright LEDs in your license plate light will make sure that your vehicle's number and other details are visible even in low light.
  4. More features for the same price that you pay on other websites: Unlike all the poorly manufactured, dripping, and fragile plate lights that get broken just after a few miles, our IPX7 waterproof truck plate lights will survive for many years.

Not just this, We will also disclose the items you will get after buying them so you can expect what’s coming from us.

What will you get after buying LED License plate lights from Abrams?

Of course you will be curious about knowing what you will be getting after purchasing the license plate light bars. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary details that you should know before buying license plate LED lights from us unlike companies that do not provide full details and deliver a product that is totally different from what you expect. So, here's what you will get after clicking that purchase option:

  • 1 x LED license plate light that will be of top-notch quality.
  • 1 x Pack of screws so you will not have to buy anything else apart from this.
  • Installation instruction package to help you install the lights without further costs or help from a repairer.

Warranty and Services

We know you will check out the warranty and services! We offer exceptional services to our customers and that is why we offer lifetime customer service. We have your back even after you purchase our products. We will guide and assist you throughout and after the transaction as we believe in making a connection not just a transaction.

We offer a 30-days money back guarantee on all our products. Purchase our product, use it for 30 days, keep it if you love it or you can return it within 30 days if you will be disappointed. We have this offer because we know our products disappoint no one! Apart from that, We offer a 2 years warranty on license plate LED lights and that is how you know you are going to get the best deal.

Abrams LED License Plate Lights Video

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: All the usual color that you will need are available. We have Chrome, Black and Grey colors that are usually required for license plates.

A: Yes, these lights are very easy to install and they come with a package that has the installation information. You will just have to follow the instructions and you will be able to set up these lights without any extra cost

A: Yes, of course, we offer our services even after you purchase from us. For us, your safety and queries are more important than anything.

A: Yes, We offer a 2 Years hassle-free warranty along with a 30 days return guarantee if you find our product disappointing as we are sure you won't!

A: After buying license plate LED lights from Abrams, you will get a 1 x LED license plate light, a pack of screws so you will not have to run to market again and an installation instruction package to help you install the lights yourself.