Trailer Clearance Lights

We know that you were looking for LED Clearance Lights for your vehicle. We can tell you that you have certainly come to the right website. We can guarantee you that we will now be your go to manufacturer for all your safety vehicle solutions. At Abrams, we have been manufacturing, innovating and delivering the products ourselves for so many years. We provide top-notch products as well as customer service so you will not have to jump from manufacturer to manufacturer anymore.

Finding reliable LED Clearance Lights can be challenging as you do not know how long a light can last. We at Abrams MFG can deliver high quality Clearance led lighting for trailers and that too, at an affordable price. You will not have to worry about price, quality or any other factor as our clearance marker lights are SAE and DOT certified for quality as well as IP67 waterproof. So, if this is what you were looking for, we have listed out the features, advantages and reasons why drivers actually prefer our trailer clearance lights over others.

Applications of LED Clearance Lights

Whether you use a Tractor, Truck, Bus or any other vehicle, these lights are going to be your best decision, as they are waterproof and can be applied to almost any vehicle. From RV’s, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, Jeeps, 4×4, Cars, Motorcycles, Pick-ups and vans, these lights can be applied to all of these vehicles. Or in case you have heavy machinery like a Sand Rail, Truck, train, tractor, Agricultural Machinery, forklift, camper, Road Buggy, or tank, these lights will help you with that as well. Our LED Clearance lights were basically made with these vehicles in consideration. So, no matter what you drive, make these clearance marker lights your new friend and they will in turn keep you and others safe on the road.

Features of Abrams MFG’s LED Clearance Lights

IIf you need bright side marker lights for your trailer, RV or any other vehicle that you drive or if you want to promote on-road safety and save your time as well as efforts on finding reliable Clearance led lighting, Abrams Waterproof trailer clearance lights for trailers will help you with these requirements of yours. Here are just some of the features of our Clearance LED lighting that will help you make your decision:

  1. These lights are designed to be easily installed in TOP Orientation.
  2. Our trailer clearance lights meet SAE and DOT FMVSS-108 standards.
  3. These energy-saving LEDs provide strong and reliable lighting while conserving power.
  4. To assist you with visibility, they even provide a 180 degree viewing angle.
  5. Our lights have an IP67 rating and they're waterproof and submersible.
  6. These lights come with a 2-year guarantee.

Advantages of Buying LED Clearance Lights from Abrams MFG

TWhat other advantages will you receive after purchasing these LED clearance lights from us, besides the features that these lights already have? Now that they satisfy all of your needs for trailer clearance lights for trailers and we are confident that these lights are the ones you should purchase. Our lights don't belong to the category of those that only last a mile before breaking after a minor convenience. These are just a few of the features we have built into our LED Trailer Clearance Lights, so they will survive for a very long time. For the installation and maintenance, there will be no additional cost that you will have to pay to the installer. All the benefits of purchasing these lights from Abrams are listed below:

  1. These bright LEDs are combined with Polycarbonate reflectors that will make your vehicle visible at night to others.
  2. These LED Trailer Clearance Lights meet all the rules and safety regulations as well.
  3. It comes with a package that contains all the information regarding the installation and you will just have to follow the mentioned instructions to install these lights.

Why do drivers prefer LED Clearance Lights from Abrams MFG?

Well, drivers usually like and prefer our LED Clearance lights simply because they meet all the requirements that they need in a Clearance light. These lights allow them to have a stress free mind after buying clearance marker lights from Abrams as they have the mentioned features and advantages. There are several more reasons why drivers prefer our trailer clearance lights for trailers, some of them are listed here:

  • These lights are ideal for almost any vehicle that they drive and provide them with a versatile design that allows them to mount it anywhere.
  • Abrams' LED Clearance Lights are IP67 rated waterproof and submersible so they do not worry much even if it suddenly starts raining.
  • Our lights provide peace of mind in the long run. Apart from being affordable, they require no additional cost from your pocket to pay for maintenance or installation charges.

In every way, our LED Clearance Lights are the go-to solution for your vehicle. Even after these features, you will go for cheaper and carelessly manufactured Clearance Marker lights, they will not even last a mile and will cost you more for maintenance after you purchase the item and that's not the case with our LED Clearance lights.

Warranty and Services

It's usual for customers to check out a product's Warranty and how the services are. Well, we can tell you that these lights are pocket friendly and will require no extra cost from you after buying as they will not need to be maintained much and they have a 2 years warranty as well.

We even offer lifetime customer support to help our visitors and customers with any questions that they have about our products and we are more than happy to solve those queries. We would love to provide any additional information that you want to know. Just contact us and let us know what your query is, we will be glad to help.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: The specifications of these LED Clearance Marker lights are:

  • Working Temperature: -40~85°C
  • Vibration Rating: 15.6G
  • Amp Draw (12V DC): 0.20A

A: After purchasing these lights from us, you will get 1 x 2′′ LED Clearance Light, 1 x 2′′ Grommet, 1 x 2 Pin Connector and an Instructions Manual so you will be able to install these lights yourself by just reading the instructions.

A: Yes! These Clearance led lighting come with a 2-year hassle free warranty along with lifetime customer support!