Maintenance Tips for Emergency LED Lights

Maintenance Tips for Emergency LED Lights

Maintenance of emergency vehicle lights becomes a priority when you are a first responder or even an individual using it for your regular operations. If undermined, you might get stuck with a stumbling block in an emergency. LED warning light bars are a great addition to any emergency, but can also be a bit tricky to maintain. 


That’s why we have come up with a couple of tips that would help you in easy maintenance without any hassle. 



  • Use the Manual to Learn The Emergency Light Properly 



Who doesn’t want their emergency vehicle lights to work for a longer span, i.e. for higher longevity? But not everyone makes the right efforts to maintain them. Maintenance starts from the very moment you purchase the emergency light. From installation to its regular use, all counts to the durability of the emergency vehicle lights. 


Just slapping in the lights to your vehicle does not suffice. You must read the user manual before installing these lights so that you do not miss any specifications while fixing them. If not done, there are chances you might get wrong with the process, and this even might affect the durability of these emergency lights. 


Additionally, always ensure that the equipment is being used in relevant settings, for instance, turning them off when not in an emergency, or also safeguarding the lights from hitting the curbs. 


LED Warning Lights For Emergency Vehicles


  • Cleaning Regularly 

Cleaning becomes an important aspect when maintaining LED emergency vehicle lights for longer use. It should be done regularly. You can always look up to some cleaning solutions available at most hardware stores. Or rely on DIY solutions, made with white vinegar and water. 


While cleaning, focus on the main area of the LED emergency vehicle lights which is the mounting hardware, light bar and lens. Do not use any abrasive material as it might end up with a scratch on the emergency LED lights. Instead, use a relatively smooth cloth or sponge. When you are done with all the areas, rinse off the residue with clean water. 


In case, you are not able to properly clean the mounting area or the light bar, use a brush to apply the solution and wipe it off. 



  • Selecting the LEDs For Your Emergency Vehicles



Maintaining your emergency vehicle lights accords much later. Before deciding on how to maintain one, hop on to check which LED mini light bars or strobe warning lights will work better for you. You can get access to a vast lot of emergency lights available in the market, but not every light can turn out to be compatible. To be precise, not all have the caliber to withstand heavy use. 


The dominant factor for easy maintenance is determining the needs of your strobe warning lights needed for the emergency vehicle. Strobe lights and light bars emergency lights are highly in demand for their durability.


Moreover, you should avoid choosing emergency lights that are too bright as such lights radiate excessive heat and thus, diminish the lifespan. 



  • Frequent Battery Testing and Its Care 



The optimal performance of the emergency vehicle lights can be fulfilled by frequently checking the batteries and testing them for effective use. For this, you can set routine testing and maintenance by keeping them from corrosion and also focusing on cleanliness. 


This tip includes learning about the emergency LED lights that you use for your emergency vehicle. Generally, you can find two types of batteries in these lights: Sealed lead-acid batteries and Nickel-cadmium batteries. The former is more compact heavy-duty batteries, and can effectively handle shocks and vibrations which adds to their longevity. The latter is highly resistant to environmental changes and offers high power, which makes it an ideal choice for being used in emergency vehicle lights. 


The best approach to maintain the batteries is through the use of the LVD system. The highlighting part is that the power cut happens in an automated process and allows longer life with less stress on the LEDs. Additionally, you can indulge in a monthly, quarterly, and annual test for checking on the batteries and maintaining them for efficient use. 


Let’s Wrap Up 

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