Interesting Facts To Know About LEDs

Interesting Facts To Know About LEDs

LED vehicle light bars or warning light bars have proven to be more efficient and handy than traditional lighting bulbs for obvious reasons. On the off chance that we discuss the various elements, examples, or even their sorts, you get a large group of focuses to engage in a conversation.

This development bend has obviously been a miracle for the people as well as the climate when prior we had no choice other than being left with terrible lighting and superfluous costs.

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LED warning light bars are now pervasive, and it is very rare that one must be unaware of them, but we bet you were not familiar with the facts that we will be sharing here in this blog. So without any further delay, read on to learn some interesting facts you probably should not miss about strobe warning lights

  • LEDs release little to no heatwave 


Yes, this point stands true when putting antithetical with incandescent bulbs. Where these traditional lightings are known to release 90% of the energy as a heatwave, LED warning light bars are in total opposite. Not only in terms of efficiency, but when you get a closer look at the heatwave it exudes, you will find little to no heatwave. Hence, making it a preferable option to traditional bulbs. 

  • With LEDs, your lighting has a direction


This can be one of the instances that you might have experienced with a lamp throwing light everywhere. You can call it omnidirectional, and you have no option here to choose from. What if you do not like lighting all around? 

To solve this, LED vehicle light bars are designed to emit a direct light or, say, to be focused. Along with this, you can also pick one that can be omnidirectional. So, this totally depends on your mood. The good thing is you get an option with LEDs. 

  • You get instant lighting with LEDs 


If you belong to the millennial generation, then it is likely that you must have used compact fluorescent light, also known as CFL bulbs or incandescent lamps. To hopeful lookout for some way to improve, these take a more drawn-out term to radiate the legitimate lighting, and they get faint when you flip the switch. Also, these are hypersensitive to climate changes and might not be efficient in cold weather or harsh rain. 

But with LED warning light bars, you can rest assured with the maximum brilliance it serves, be it rain or snow. 

  • LEDs save you more than any other lighting 


This statement hence proves how LED vehicle light bars have been an energy saver as well as a cost-saver for decades. When compared to incandescent bulbs or CFLs, a 50% reduction has been observed with a decrease in carbon emissions overall with LED warning light bars

  • LEDs are free from mercury 

Recent studies have shown that LED warning light bars or light-emitting bulbs contain no mercury and thus, have a positive impact on the environment as well. But when we talk about incandescent bulbs, the case is different. 

Traditional lighting has highly impacted the environment with mercury emissions in its trending years. 

  • You can expect 25,000 hours lasting with LEDs

It is fascinating to note that you get 25 times more lifespan with LED vehicle light bars than the traditional bulbs, and this counts for an overall 25,000 hours of use. 

All these amazing facts stumble upon a very expected question, how and when were LEDs discovered? 


If you find yourself with the same thought pop up, let us ease this out for you. 

Nick Holonyak, Jr. first encountered the visible spectrum led strobe lights for trucks while he was occupied by GE in 1962. Since then, technology has been evolving, and so has the advancement of lighting solutions made feasible for all. 

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