Gas trucks, fuel trucks, and tanker trucks are a few of the modern tankers used to safely and efficiently transport fuel and gas. We outfit all old and new models of tankers with our high-quality safety and lighting equipment at Abram’s MFG to maximize passenger and cargo safety of the trucks.

Abram’s Safety Protocol

Tankers are heavy-duty vehicles used to move gas, water, and fuel across places. The security of the truck is imperative to ensure the safety of the cargo, driver, passenger, and other cars. Hence, the highly-trained team of technicians at Abram’s MFG offers tailor-made accessories such as sirens, backup alarms, LED off-road lights, reflective products, and interior lighting to meet the stringent safety demands of the trucks.

Whether your line of tankers is designed for long journeys across states or short journeys in the city, the safety and lighting equipment from Abram’s is sure to reduce the production and operational costs of the heavy-duty vehicles.

Why Choose Abram’s MFG?

Our range of tailor-made and highly reliable safety and lighting equipment is used throughout the world. We’re one of the top providers of customized vehicle solutions globally and work with the high-risk industries, including the police and military.

Our unmatched prices, coupled with easy to install products, can promise a service that you can trust without worry. All our articles go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure to ensure product quality.

The extensive range of our products is backed by a 5-year warranty and guarantees 100% customer guarantee. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services!