Ice cream trucks are custom-built for commercial use cases. Not only limited to ice-cream selling, these trucks can be customized for any business needs. And our lighting and safety equipment will make them safe to use.

Ice-cream truck Safety Gear

With a multitude of chassis and cab options, ice-cream trucks can be customized completely to support your business’s unique needs. They support freezers, have a lot of internal storage space, and a rear storage hatch to accommodate refrigeration system controls.

Their onboard equipment increases the need for safety measures. With Abrams’ safety and lighting equipment upfitted, you’re bound to have a safe truck for business on the go.

The Advantages of Working with Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG’s skilled specialists are experienced in manufacturing lighting and safety equipment for clients in high-risk industries. All our equipment meets the highest safety standards and protocols set by auto manufacturers for their vehicles.

Leading industry professionals directly supervise the design and manufacturing process to ensure the best quality and performance.

As a promise of optimal performance and excellent customer service, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

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