The extremely versatile and durable freightliner trucks are used to carry box trucks, fire trucks and small dump trucks. At Abrams, our lighting and safety equipment assures that these processes can be executed without a hitch.

Freightliner Safety Gear

Freightliners, with their wide array of capabilities, are the ideal platform for transporting heavy duty vehicles. With high-degree wheel cuts and set-back axles and bumpers, these trucks are easy to maneuver—even in tight spaces.

The aluminum cab is lightweight but durable. The truck’s IPM system adjusts the truck according to the terrain, to maximize efficiency and performance. Abrams’ custom-built lighting and safety equipment for freightliners ensures the driver’s and the truck’s safety on the road.

The Advantages of Working with Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG is committed to safety on the road for medium and heavy-duty industrial vehicles. We produce lighting and safety equipment to combat the dangers of long-distance hauling on the road, protecting your employees from accidents.

Working with clients in several high-risk industries, our teams have a lot of experience in creating products that comply with the highest safety standards and criteria.

All equipment is overseen by experts from the industry. We also work closely with manufacturers to ensure optimal performance. We are dedicated to serving our consumers and offer a 5-year warranty on all products.

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