The motorized vehicles are designed to perform tasks with more efficacy than passenger vehicles. Different types of utility vehicles include armored, sports, crossover, and multi-utility vehicles. We outfit all models of utility vehicles to improve driver and cargo safety of the heavy-duty four-wheeler.

Utility Vehicles Safety Protocol at Abram’s MFG

The highly-trained technicians at Abram’s MFG offer tailor-made solutions to meet the stringent industry-specific needs. Affordability and robustness are the two determinants that decide the fate of any manufactured utility vehicle.

With the unmatched prices and high-quality emergency gear at Abram’s MFG, your line of utility vehicles' appeal can increase multifold. Our easy to install and cost-efficient equipment can drive your sales and lower your utility vehicles' production cost.

We offer many custom-made safety accessories for utility trucks and vans, including buckles, interior lighting, backup alarms, off-road LED lights, and trailer lighting. Our commitment to providing the best in the vehicle safety equipment guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and top-class material.

Why Choose Abram’s MFG?

We’ve worked with some of the most demanding industries, including healthcare, police, and construction. We know what it takes to build a model that can stand the test of time and impact, and hence, we focus our efforts on providing custom-made and effective solutions according to our client’s demands.

Our articles are made under strict safety protocol and go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure. Hence, we offer a 5-year warranty on each of them.

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