Honda is one of the leading industrial vehicle manufacturers in the world. At Abrams MFG, we upfit their vehicles with our lighting and safety equipment to make them ideal for all kinds of commercial use cases.

Honda Safety Gear

Honda offers a range of pickup trucks and mini-vans that are built to haul cargo over long distances. These vehicles promise convenience, performance, and improved fuel efficiency. A leading innovator, Honda is set on improving its vehicles to offer maximum utility to its customers.

Honda’s pickup trucks boast special features such as lockable and dual action tailgates, lockable in-bed trunks and truck-bed power outlets. With these advanced features, Honda’s trucks are customer favorites. To ensure your safety on the road in your Honda, we manufacture customized lighting and safety equipment to maximize your truck’s capabilities.

The Advantages of Working with Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG is a leading manufacturer of lighting and safety equipment for industrial vehicles. We work closely with manufacturers to design custom-built equipment for clients in multiple high-risk industries. Committed to improving road safety in the United States, our products comply with all safety standards and protocols.

All our products come with a 5-year warranty, delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Leading industry professionals directly supervise the design and manufacturing process, upholding our promise of quality and innovation.

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