Different mining vehicles, including loaders, scalers, graders, and rock breakers, are used to perform functions during construction and mining. The sturdy and durable built of these vehicles, coupled with the lighting and safety equipment at Abram's MFG, make mining vehicles safe and secure for those working with them.

Abram's MFG Safety Protocol for Mining Vehicles

Mining vehicles are used in high-risk situations, including building and excavating. While the rate of unintentional work injuries in the United States is quite high, with adequate safety measures, many unfortunate workplace accidents can be prevented.

Abram's safety and lightning equipment are made with high tech resources to provide long-lasting and reliable safety features to various mining vehicles. With our emergency gear, you can ensure that your automobile will remain safe in threatening situations.

We provide custom-made solutions for heavy-duty machinery like mining vehicles to meet industry-specific requirements. Whether you use a loader, a scaler, or a grader for construction work or excavation, our team of highly trained staff will provide tailor-made accessories to meet your demands.

Why Choose Abram's MFG?

Our safety and lighting equipment can stand the test of time and challenging situations. We've provided our reliable services to some high-risk professionals, including the police and military.

We continue to work with industry experts in producing modern and high-tech safety and lightning gear.

We don't compromise on quality, so we offer a 5-year warranty on all our services. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!