Transporting key personnel through high-conflict territories requires the use of vehicles specially designed to withstand projectiles and immense firepower. At Abrams MFG, we recognize that the appropriate vehicle designs must use heavy-duty support equipment that retains functionality despite rigorous wear and tear.

Military-Grade Vehicle Safety Equipment

With our experience, innovation and manufacturing scales, Abrams MFG offers low-cost, high-quality vehicle lighting and safety equipment fit for military applications.

Our catalog includes a wide range of products that range from vehicle sirens, back up alarms and interior safety equipment. Each unit in our production is sent through load tests, stress tests and clears thorough quality checks before shipment to ensure that you get only the best components for your armed personnel carriers.

Even now, Abrams MFG products are employed by organizations like the US military, Border Control, US Air Force and NASA.

The Advantages of Working with Abrams MFG

As manufacturers of supporting electrical components for military vehicles, we’ve always been at the center of industry dynamics. Since we began work, Abrams MFG has eliminated inefficiencies in the vehicle lighting and safety equipment supply chain to make military vehicle manufacturers much more efficient.

Our products are widely recognized as some of the best in the industry widely used by the US military and other armed forces engaged in conflict around the world. At Abrams MFG, we deliver high-quality products without the corresponding price hike that you could expect from other manufacturers.

Abrams MFG works with large scale organizations with the operational capacities and a pedigree to ensure that your needs are met. Most of our products are original designs created by some of the brightest minds in the vehicle equipment industry, to ensure full functionality and durability in all applications.

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