The logistical infrastructure and supply lines of the United States Armed Forces are some of the best throughout the world. It’s impossible to achieve supply chain efficiency without the role of supporting equipment suppliers who can deliver high-quality components that are capable of withstanding rigorous wear and tear, while also ensuring easy operability.

Armed Vehicle Safety Equipment at Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG manufactures military-grade vehicle safety equipment and operational components ready for use in military vehicles employed offensive and supportive roles in all possible environments.

Abrams MFG is recognized as a leading supplier of vehicle safety and lighting equipment for armed vehicles throughout the world.

Our products are currently used by organizations like the US Air Force, Special Forces and NASA—as crucial components that allow you to utilize your vehicle’s full potential. We manufacture vehicle lighting, sirens, passenger safety, interior lightbars, switchboxes and similar equipment that meet military equipment regulation.

Why Work with Abrams MFG?

Equipment quality and affordability are the two fundamental determinants of getting your products chosen for military applications. Abrams MFG is a price setter in the vehicle safety equipment industry, with manufacturing scales that can significantly reduce your costs of production. Besides our unmatched prices, we put our products through rigorous quality assurance processes to deliver a service that you can trust without a worry.

Abrams MFG is a leader and innovator in the vehicle safety and lighting equipment industry, with years of experience serving clients in the public and private sectors. Our products come with a five-year warranty and we can easily meet all order volumes without compromising on quality.

Speak with us today to place an order for our products or for a free quote on orders for armed vehicle safety and lighting equipment.