Our products are used across the various branches of state forces engaged throughout the world, in both support and offensive capacities. One particular application of Abrams MFG’s equipment is in anti aircraft vehicles such as the M2 Bradley and the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger to ensure passenger safety and vehicle functionality.

Abrams MFG Military Products

Abrams MFG is proud to have served the United States Military as a vehicle safety equipment supplier for armed military vehicles.

Each product offered by Abrams MFG is manufactured following the strictest military guidelines to ensure consistent performance and cut operational costs. All the equipment sold at Abrams MFG is easy to install, has minimal cost and can be used in multiple functionalities throughout anti aircraft vehicles.

We sell interior safety lighting, amber lights for heavy-duty vehicles, switchboxes and sirens that ensure full visibility and minimize the risk of crashes.

The Advantage of Working with Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG is a leading supplier of military grade vehicle safety equipment, having served multiple branches of the US military. Having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and associated with the services offered by corporations in the public sector, there are few manufacturers that you could fully trust besides us.

Our products are currently used by the US Air Force, US Army Special Forces, the Marine Corps and others in the military structure.

All Abrams MFG products come with a five-year warranty and are designed under the guidance of some of the most innovative vehicle safety specialists in the industry. With emphasis on strict regulation compliance and high production scales, we offer one of the most low-cost vehicle safety solutions with minimal risk of product malfunction.

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