Excavators are robust and heavy construction vehicles used to dig out the earth. We outfit these high-risk machines with the right safety and lightening equipment to ensure that workplaces remain hazard-free.

Abrams MFG Safety Protocol

Excavators are construction site tools that specialize in creating holes and trenches; their work makes this equipment quite hazardous to deal with.

However, with proper safety and lighting installation, the wellbeing of those who operate and work around these high-risk vehicles is protected. Abrams MFG provides customized industry-specific solutions for all the safety and lightning requirements of heavy machinery like excavators.

We offer easy to install and cost-effective lighting and safety tools that can cut down the operational cost of excavators significantly. Our safety products include sirens, interior safety lighting, and switch boxes to reduce the risk of collision, among many others.

Why Should You Choose to Work with Abrams MFG?

Abrams MFG is one of the leading safety partners for most high-risk industries in the US. Our team of dedicated staff provides services across various industries, including the police force, transportation, military, healthcare, and more.

Our emergency gear, backed with a five-year warranty, has been recognized as one of the most reliable in the country. We adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines while designing products according to industry requirements.

As one of the pioneers in the vehicle safety industry, we offer only high-quality and long-lasting products. Our team makes sure that our clients receive nothing less than exceptional service while dealing with us.

Our services are available across the United States—get in touch with us to learn more!