The Urban Search and Rescue Vehicles are built to deal with different types of emergencies and perform rescue operations. The versatile design, coupled with the reliable and long-lasting safety and lighting equipment at Abram’s MFG, reduces the passenger and driver risks of the rescue vehicle and improves road safety.

Abram’s MFG Safety Protocol

Abram’s MFG is a leading safety partner of many high-risk sectors in the United States, including the military, special forces, and the police. Our highly trained and experienced staff offers customized solutions according to industry-specific needs at fantastic rates.

Since the nature of tasks that the urban search and rescue vehicle performs is inherently hazardous, the vehicle's safety must be maximized to help it perform rescue operations efficiently.

Some safety accessories that Abram's MFG offers to outfit urban search and rescue vehicles include trailer lights LED off-road lights, sound and alert systems, and interior lighting, among many others.

Why Choose Abram’s MFG?

We prioritize road safety and don't compromise on quality. Our extensive list of esteemed clients also includes some Fortune 500 companies. Our dedication to providing only the best in the vehicle safety equipment industry makes us a pioneer in the field.

All our articles go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure and are manufactured under industry innovators and experts' supervision. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and a 5-year warranty backs our items.

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