Pierce is renowned for its customized fire trucks. With a range of options available for the chassis, pumpers, and tankers, they can build a truck for all kinds of jobs. And with our safety and lighting equipment, operators are kept safe at all times.

Pierce Safety Gear

Pierce works with multiple manufacturers to assemble their range of customized fire trucks. With multiple options available for each part, you can build a truck as per your needs, making Pierce’s fire trucks the best in the business.

We know the dangers that heavy-duty vehicles pose in high-risk industries. Therefore, we work closely with Pierce to manufacture safety and lighting equipment that helps reduce the dangers of the job and makes the driver and crew feel safer.

The Advantages of Working with Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG is a leading manufacturer of lighting and safety equipment for heavy-duty vehicles. We work closely with industry specialists to design innovative equipment that ensures safety on the road and during the job for the crew that’s onboard.

All our products meet industry safety standards and practices.

We offer a 5-year warranty on all our products, as a guarantee of quality and a promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

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