The fire fighting vehicle is perhaps one of the most useful equipment ever created; the sturdy built of the fire truck aids in emergencies and can be tailored to meet particular needs. We provide safety and lightning tools equipment for the different fire trucks across the US to ensure the protection of those operating it.

About Abram’s MFG Safety Protocol

The purpose of firetrucks is defeated without safe operation; the rescue work that it does needs to be performed with caution and should ensure everyone's safety. The safety and lighting fixtures manufactured at Abram's MFG provide high quality and long-lasting services to fire trucks.

Being one of the leading safety partners for most high-risk industries in the United States, the dedicated team at Abram's MFG has provided its services in various fields, including the military, police, and healthcare, among many others.

We provide custom made lightning and safety equipment for fire trucks according to industry-specific needs, making it easier for operators to ensure their vehicle is well-equipped to deal with hazardous situations.

Why Choose Abram’s MFG?

We follow strict manufacturing guidelines supervised by renowned industry experts and innovators to create the best safety and lightning equipment. A 5-year guarantee backs our articles as a way to demonstrate our commitment to our clients.

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