Introduced nearly 60 years ago, the range of full-size vans from the leading carmaker, Ford, continues to claim popularity in the United States to date. We provide high-quality safety and lightning features to cater to the vast range of these vehicles according to their specialized needs.

Benefits of Abram’s MFG Safety Protocol

The safety and lightning equipment at Abram's MFG include lightbars, dash lights, sirens, backup alarms, among many other tools to protect those using the growing Ford E-series.

The huge capacity of these vans makes them ideal vehicles for small businesses and large families. With the vehicle protective features at Abram's MFG, our clients can ensure the full range of these vans' safety and security for their use.

We understand that safety comes first for families and businesses who may use these vans in different situations. Hence, we offer specialized equipment based on the specific needs of our clients.

Why Choose Abram’s MFG?

Abram’s MFG is known for its highly reliable emergency gear. Our dedicated team of experienced and highly trained staff offers their services in various fields, including healthcare, military, and automobile manufacturing.

We work with some of the most high-risk industries in the United States, providing the best of services. Our track record demonstrates the reliability of our exceptional services.

All our products are made under the supervision of industry experts and innovators while following strict safety protocols. Additionally, they all come with a 5-year guarantee!

If you want to avail our services, connect with us today.