Shuttle buses are used mainly for short-haul purposes, with limited passenger and weight capacity. Abrams’ safety and lighting equipment ensures that they are safe for the driver and onboard passengers.

Shuttle Bus Safety Gear

Hotels, businesses, colleges, and airports commonly use shuttle buses to transport passengers across small distances. They have limited capacity, but greatly bolster convenience.

While the travel distances are shorter and the terrain relatively smooth, these buses need to be safe for onboard passengers, as accidents will affect numerous people at once. Abrams designs customized equipment for such buses to facilitate maximum safety and security for employees and passengers alike.

The Advantages of Working with Abrams MFG

Abrams MFG has considerable experience in manufacturing lighting and safety equipment for heavy-duty vehicles. We serve several commercial clients who work in high-risk industries.

Our team of industrial experts oversees all design and production processes. They also ensure that all products comply with the most stringent safety standards.

Offering a 5-year warranty on all products, we promise exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

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