A Guide To The Different Types Of Emergency Vehicles

A Guide To The Different Types Of Emergency Vehicles

You must have seen emergency vehicles flashing LED warning light bars at some point hovering around to rescue in your neighborhood. Understanding the need of the hour and how to respond accordingly when you see an emergency vehicle approaching becomes necessary. However, people sometimes fail to distinguish between these vehicles. If you fall in this category, let us make it easy for you. An emergency vehicle will always display warning lights with a siren. This is not just a differentiating feature but a necessity to get the right-of-way over all other road users. 

Fire Engine

Fire trucks or Fire engines are emergency vehicles that carry all the necessary equipment to help out people from the disaster. You can see these fire trucks displaying emergency red light bars. These trucks are always in a hurry to rescue people stuck in a fire disaster.  

Police Car

You can find a variety of emergency vehicles used by the police officers, which totally depends on what department they belong to. These police vehicles are used to transport detainees, police officers, and also weapons and equipment. For instance, you will see a different vehicle with warning lights used by the traffic police department, differing from what a patrolling unit might use. 

Ambulance (Emergency Vehicles)

When there is a health emergency, you will see ambulances with medical professionals driving fast to provide people with on-site medical facilities and treatment. While also ensuring that the patients reach the hospital on time, these red-light bar vehicles are lifesavers. There are different types of vehicles included as ambulances like ambulance van, air ambulance, first responder ambulance, and many more. 

Hook & Ladder Truck

A ladder truck is one type of fire truck that can easily carry heavy tools and ladders to rescue people on time and with safety. This emergency vehicle carries a ladder, also known as an aerial, that can reach about 100 ft in the air and help people stuck even in the tallest building. 

Brush Truck (Emergency Vehicles)

These emergency vehicles are dispatched with small tanks of water and other equipment like shovels and extinguishers that are capable of fighting grass fires. These also fall in the category of fire vehicles.

Hazmat Truck

When an area is under suspicion involving hazardous substances or materials, hazmat trucks come into the action. The emergency truck can carry different tools like radiation detectors and pH meters, equipment, and technology with expert personnel to get hazardous situations in control. 

Let’s Wrap Up (Emergency Vehicles)

After reading this guide, you must be confident enough to recognize any emergency vehicles with warning light bars approaching your way. And you already know what to do in a situation like this – Make space for them!

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