5 Budget-Friendly LED Lighting Upgrades

5 Budget-Friendly LED Lighting Upgrades

Not all heroes wear a cape! And if you have already decided on getting a proper LED lighting upgrade for your vehicle, then you can get along with the real heroes’ list. You may ask why?


Because we all know the significance and purpose of appropriate lighting to vehicles, be it an emergency vehicle, an off-road vehicle or any commercial one. Not only does it cater to the safety measures, but it also contributes to sticking with the laws stated by your State. Moreover, LED or; light emitting diodes lights are not only brighter and more visible than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they also use a fraction of the energy.


And you must be glad to know that there are hundreds of options for LED strobe light bars to choose from. All you need to figure out is your requirement and size (it should be relevant to your vehicle). Not to forget, your budget bracket will play a major role here. So, palpating your expenses can be a form of justice to your pocket. 


Fortunately, you can rely on Abrams MFG to improve your vehicle’s visibility and safety without breaking the bank. You can consider upgrading to LED vehicle lighting with a wide range of LED work lights for cars, LED emergency vehicle lights, or LED strobe light bars offered by us to accommodate all your lighting needs. 


Here Are Five Budget-Friendly Led Vehicle Lighting Upgrades That Can Make Your Vehicle Safer And More Visible On The Road:



  • Mini LED Light Bars


Mini LED Light Bars

If you want to save on your spending and also get the most out of what you are planning to invest, then mini LED light bars can converge with your lighting demands. Although the name suggests that these are somewhat smaller in size, in actuality, these offer a multiple flash pattern with a variety of color choices. 


If you are searching for LED strobe light bars that can be replaced and not get fixed with all this tedious installation stuff, then mini LED light bars can be your quick-to-go-to pick. 


To add, these LED lights will be highly compatible with your budget as their price range doesn’t exceed $200. 



  • Spotlights 



For longer distance visibility, you can count on spotlight bars that offer a streaming beam pattern. These LED work lights for cars are available in different colors and shapes, perhaps, allowing more safety than any traditional lighting or no lighting for your vehicles. 


These lights are somewhat alike the beacon light bars and can be installed on the roof of your vehicle. Heavy-duty magnets are used to make these LED lights stick to your vehicle, which can be counted as another highlight. 


When talking about the price range, you can get the spotlight bars by spending under $150.  



  • Dash Lights



The LED dash lights can be attached to the dashboard or even the windshield. The 6″ dash lights come with a multiple flash pattern, and you can even get to choose among the single or dual color combinations. 


It’s important to note that the dash light bars are most commonly seen on police vehicles or attached to the vehicle of volunteer first responders. So, it becomes necessary to check if your job description matches the utilization of these LED emergency vehicle lights.  


The compact dash lights are powerful and offer a high value for money. For around $50, you can take advantage of the flexible as well as versatile LED lighting. 



  • Grille Lights



Proper visibility is as necessary as mounting LED grille light bars with your vehicles. These LED strobe light bars come with the right volume of lumens that illuminate for proper identification of other vehicles, on-road users or any issues or damage on the road. In a nutshell, you get a brighter vision even in the dark hours. 


The LED grille bars can be customized to fit a particular vehicle and thus, is highly flexible to match up with yours. You can fix it in any mounting positions you want, not to forget, to your vehicles’ front end. 


Pick yours after concretely deciding what shape and size you are planning for by spending nearly about $30. 



  • Hideaway Lights 



You can either get a multipack or choose amongst the different models available at Abrams MFG. These LED work lights for cars are compact and easier to integrate with any vehicle with an existing lighting system. Among other features, the hideaway light bars can be virtually mounted, making them one of the best alternatives for your LED lighting upgrades. 


You get a more excellent value per unit with just $50 or up for these versatile LED lightings. 

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